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All Keys Piano Service specializes in piano tuning and care.
Through a commitment to genuine craftsmanship, we are dedicated to providing quality service at an affordable price.

Services Offered

Routine Tuning

The swings in humidity from the change of seasons are the largest contributing factor to a piano falling out of tune, in addition to heavy playing and moving. Manufacturers recommend tuning a piano 2 to 4 times annually, but we provide a discounted rate for a piano that is routinely tuned at least once a year, and a further discount for six-month tunings (recommended).

This service visit will typically last 1.5 to 2 hours and will leave your piano sounding brilliant and fresh. Any recurring issues can be addressed in this appointment also and recommendations will be made for future improvements. Yearly and six-months reminders will be sent to you to schedule routine tunings. The more you keep up with tuning your piano the better it will sound on a consistent basis!

Up to 6 Month Tuning Rate: $200
7 to 18 Month Tuning Rate: $250
Over 18 Month Tuning Rate: $275

First Appointment Tuning/Service

Typically a piano that hasn't been serviced for several years will need a "pitch-raise". This is a procedure where the overall tension of the strings is at first roughly raised and then a normal precise tuning is performed. It takes slightly longer than a standard piano tuning.

Additionally, many pianos that have been out of service for several years have typical small issues such as a few sticking keys or bobbing hammers. Before I tune, I'll diagnose any mechanical issues you may have and provide a quote for any additional repairs. I will also clean the exterior of the piano and can provide interior piano cleaning if so desired. This appointment will last approximately 2 1/2 hours.

First Appointment Rate (Pitch-Raise Tuning / Exterior Cleaning / Evaluation) or Over 18 Month Tuning Rate: $300

Additional Services

Further services can be estimated on a case-by-case basis, please get in touch.

Examples of other services offered:

  • Regulation
  • Hammer Voicing
  • Keytop Replacement
  • Case Repair & Refinishing
  • Restringing
  • Action Rebuilding
  • Rhodes / Wurtlizer electric piano tuning & servicing
  • Antique Piano Restoration
  • And much more...

cash, check, paypal, venmo, and credit card accepted.


Sam (at right), with his wife Emily, and sons Ellington and Bowie

All Keys Piano Service is Sam McUmber, RPT.

"RPT" means Registered Piano Technician. It is a certification facilitated by the Piano Technicians Guild. To become an RPT you must pass a series of written, technical, and tuning examinations which test your knowledge and skills in the field of piano technology. This is the highest certification offered among piano techs.

Sam is a Northwest Pennsylvania native and current resident of Pittsburgh, PA. He graduated in 2006 from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Piano and German. Sam was mentored in Piano Technology by Peter Stumpf, RPT, at Carnegie Mellon, who also provides piano service to the Pittsburgh Symphony and the University of Pittsburgh. Additionally, Sam was mentored by Randy Mangus, RPT, of Wheeling, WV; Piano Technician and Rebuilder Amy Marshall, RPT, of Warrendale, PA; and apprenticed under Tom Budjanec of Piano Forte in Ambridge, PA.

Sam lives a full life with an amazing wife and two adorable sons and a wonderful newborn daughter, one rambunctious dog, and two affectionate cats. He loves to work on pianos and hopes to spend a lifetime making instruments sound beautiful and feel wonderful.